Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Surgeon's Blog has an excellent post on all that health economics/politics stuff that keeps coming up in connection with the election.

I would contribute actual content, but I'm tired, and sick, and studying for exams (just genetics to go!). My headaches have been getting more regular and more severe, which is really no fun. I consulted the wise and wonderful WebMD yesterday, which told me that I might have a subarachnoid hemorrhage. I love the internet.


Katie! said...

Poor you. I'm sorry for your headaches... and your exams. Keep at it and it'll be over before you know it (for better or for worse).

FYI, consulting WebMD and having that reaction is just a tiny preview for second year, when you are diagnosing yourself/study partner/significant other with a rare disease every twenty minutes. Student Health HATES second year medical students.

:) Good luck on exams!

The Scrivener said...

Aww, thanks Katie. I do feel better today -- now that the exam is over and I have a weekend of freedom!

So looking forward to second year fake diagnoses. My school is big on integrating clinical into basic sciences, so a bunch of us do that anyway already. I'm convinced I am carrying a whole slew of absurdly rare genetic disorders. :)