Monday, July 28, 2008

Textbook time!

Late last week, one of my class reps sent out a survey from the class of 2010 (well, a third of the class of 2010) about second-year textbooks. Exciting! I definitely bought way too many books for first year, though, so I'm trying to hold off this time. The top-rated books for pathophysiology are subject-specific (Lilly's Pathophysiology of Heart Disease, Despommier's Parasitic Diseases), but I'm debating about supplementing with a general pathology book. Robbins, perhaps? Or BRS?)

Truly, though, I'm nerd enough to be looking forward to the start of second year. I went ice skating this weekend with some high school friends, one of whom is now a pharm tech. He was lecturing pharm to everyone who would listen -- basically, me. So exciting to think that in a year, I'll know everything he was talking about! :)

I mean, second year will probably be scary. More volume, more detail. That pesky little board exam in June. Building on previously learned material. Which I have pretty much completely forgotten. (Bones of the wrist? What? I only vaguely remember our rotund little professor with the sweat issues, standing in front of a slide of a giant hand and telling us a dirty mnemonic about Tillie's pants.) But also really cool! I mean, parasites! What could possibly be more interesting than that!


Melinda said...

some advice from one student to another: robbins is the best for DETAILS (for exams and presentations and looking up patients' diseases) but BRS path is like everything you need to know for the boards... I have both, and they are probably both worth their costs

The Scrivener said...

Thanks for the advice! Maybe I will buy Robbins after all....