Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The objections of the President of the United States to the contrary notwithstanding

Raise your hand if you thought "Congressional action" was an oxymoron.

Yeah, me too. The system was, of course, designed to move as sloooooowly as possible. Between committee referrals and hearings and filibusters, it's a procrastinator's dream come true up there on Capitol Hill.

Which makes today's events all the more surprising. After just 4 of his allotted 10 days of consideration, Bush vetoed the Medicare bill this morning. After lunch, the AARP held a rally on the West Lawn of the Capitol. Two hours later, the House voted to override the veto; the Senate vote took place about two hours after that. This is the equivalent of hyperspeed for Congress! Good for them! (Even more surprising: more people voted to override the veto than voted in favor of the bill in the first place. Buh?)

My other task today was attending a Global Health and Poverty luncheon. Irony is eating ham and havarti on rye and drinking raspberry white tea while copying down statistics on how many sub-Saharan African children suffer from malnutrition.

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